• What is Income Tax of India?

    In simple words, Income Tax means Tax on Income you earned. Some portion of your income you are supposed to pay to Central Government for development of our country. Now to know How much Income is taxable, What amount of Tax you have to pay and How to save Tax you have to look at provisions of Income Tax Act and amendments in that act from time to time. We have tried to simplify all necessary income tax provisions to get maximum benefits of the same.

  • Why Paying Income Tax is Important?

    Common question among people is Why we are paying Income Tax to Government? We are bound by our Constitution and that’s why we have to pay Income Tax on our Income for better development and prosperity of our India. It’s nothing but our contribution towards better tomorrow.

  • How to Pay Income Tax Easily?

    There are two ways to pay Income Tax - Offline and Online. Online Payment is Compulsory for Companies and those persons who are covered under TAX Audits.
    Others have option to pay Tax offline. You have to fill up details in challan and deposit income tax in Bank along with that Challan. Bank will return you counterfoil of that challan for your record purpose. For challan please search on our site for which option is given on top right side.

Are You Taxhausted ? Don't Know What is Income Tax?

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Welcome To Income Tax India

Welcome everyone. Income Tax…Everyone knows this word very well but more than 90% of Indians are not completely aware about rules, regulations and procedures of Indian Income Tax. It’s like all of us are having wives but almost none of us are not able to handle, tackle and tolerate her. Through this website our effort is to create awareness about complicated provisions of Income Tax which is affecting every Indian in their day to day lives.

There are too many Websites and WebPages are available on the internet but we found that all are having information in some complicated language which is difficult to understand for Indian Common Man, Students, Employees and Professionals. In this website all of us are willing to solve your tax issues and wanted to guide you in a very well way about Indian income tax.

Income Tax is very common word for every Indian. But it’s very difficult to understand rules and regulations of that. We have tried our best and we will always try our best to guide you about everything in Income Tax. We have tried our best to describe everything in very easy to understand language.

Finally what all of us are thinking is that all Indians must know the Tax which they are paying on their hard earned money called as Income Tax and follow rules and pay tax regularly to our government so our country can grow well.

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